Crank up the old Victrola


The Busted Jug Band (self titled) 2018

The Greatest Five-Piece One-Man-Band in the World!

An invigorating addition to the genre! Classic Memphis Jug Band songs are complimented by obscurities and jugged-up jazzers. Artists covered include “Peg Leg” Ben Abney, the Dallas Jamboree Jug Band; Sindey Bechet, the Ink Spots, Charlie Poole and Trixie Smith.

Kazoo-derived inventions fill in for horn arrangements; mandolins, banjos and guitars chunk chords; the “wash 'n 'spiel” (combination washboard and glockenspiel) and “Boom Bass” (the Cadillac of Washtubs) lay down the groove. Early Bird eats his “tin sandwich” (harmonica), Pee Wee slides on a National guitar, Kayola croons, Rude Boy beats the bones, and Lefty wails on a Chinese flute. Truly a fun album.